Pilani Bubu

South African singer-songwriter, with a unique voice in a fusion of genres she has coined jazzy folk soul.A cohesive global sound & great cross over appeal

A South African singer-songwriter, who has come with a refreshingly unique contribution to the South African music scene. She is an independent artist, unsigned, funding her own career and doing it all her way.

Her First EP titled ‘Journey Of A Heart’ produced by top soul artist and producer RJ Benjamin, was released in 2012, with the first single; ‘Miss Understood playlisted on 25 radio stations across S.A. Which was well received and brought with it numerous TV and radio show features, following the progress of her journey.
The journey and the story continues in 2015, with the release of PART II of the Journey, With an EP Titled: ‘Warrior Of Light’. Starting with the release of the first single ‘Free’ in March 2015.

You may have seen her grace the jazz stage at Drum Beat Festival 2013, Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2014,and at various local concerts in Johannesburg. She has performed her music both locally and globally. Mozambique (Ambients Bar, Train Station & Amphitheatre in 2011), Nigeria (The Life House (2012 & Women Rising Concert 2014), New Orleans (Cafe Istanbul, Congo Square, Washington Square in 2012).

Her music expeditions include London, Dublin, New York and her last adventure in the South of France (2013), to meet 7 other musicians from around the world, to record an album titled: ‘Humanitarium’ under the Nothing Concrete Project,
making a few radio appearances and performances.

In April to May 2015, she is coming full circle with a return to New Orleans to reconnect and collaborate with local musicians for her album with performances around the City.

This is a compelling story of great purpose, as she likes to call herself a ‘warrior of light ‘and’ creative lifestyle activist. She believes that the world would be a better place if everyone lived their passion and did what they were called to do.

Having travelled the world in the last 3 years to explore more of her calling and art, her music has evolved into a unique fusion of genres: folk, jazz, blues, funk and soul – old souled but yet still so catchy. Her lyric as life & creative activist
speak for themselves.
Growing up in the diverse South African culture, she brings with her a very cohesive global sound, with great crossover appeal.